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Accelerate the pace of technological innovation, realize the leap forward development

      In 2015, we have a clear understanding of the domestic and international economic situation and adapt to the new normal situation, the company's overall development goals:
      To achieve management and production of digital, new type of metallurgical mines; energy saving, environmental protection equipment technology, market and industry operations internationalization, planning for the past three years is the driving force to develop new mechanical equipment and engineering general contracting, and gradually to special steel production, direct reduction iron production, intelligent energy saving and environmental protection type of industrial and Technological Development and equipment. Use of existing land plant and equipment, raise the establishment of clean, efficient special steel smelting production line model, enhance the company's overall size and market competitiveness.
      Around these goals, our recently accelerated the pace of technological innovation: on the basis of existing 2D CAD series product design, gradually establish a series of computer simulation system and data management system, and gradually establish a production process management system, the company product development and water reaches the international advanced level in the same industry, through continuous technological innovation to achieve development by leaps and bounds.


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