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Implementation of the "going out" strategy to achieve a new economic growth point

      Along with the trend of the world economic union and the reform development,China to seize the opportunity to put forward construction "economic belt along the Silk Road", "21st century maritime the Silk Road" that "an area and a road" of the international economic cooperation development strategy advocated, the Middle East and East Africa is the intersection of "an area and a road". Therefore, in response to the state of the enterprises of the strategy of "going out", my company on 10 July 2015 in the company conference room held "implementation of the" going out "the pace, to realize new economic growth point" internal seminar.
      The seminar is mainly to further open up the Iran market, the company under the import and export company, marketing department, project department, information center, R & D center, purchasing department and other units to participate in the meeting, and made an active and active speech.
      Iran has a very important political and economic status in the Middle East, Iran's domestic energy saving and reducing consumption of metallurgical equipment, vibration machinery, transportation equipment demand is strong, so we have confidence in the prospects of the Iran market, and believe that we can make a contribution to the economic construction of "an area and a road".


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