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Double mass model vibration feeder get nice Access to users

      XZG series double plastid feeder is our development of a model to mine equipment. It is the replacement product of XZDG series electromagnetic vibration feeder, it is more than XZDG series of energy-saving products 60%. In mining, metallurgy, coal, chemical, building materials, electric power and other industrial and mining enterprises, has been widely used.
      The main feeder using resonance principle, main vibration spring with rubber shearing spring, and a motor vibration feeder. The vibration of the machine is small, the impact is small, the amplitude is stable, the starting speed is fast, and the service life is greatly prolonged. The equipment is not easy to damage, the maintenance work load is small, but the enterprise production cost can be reduced.
      This product has been used in Qinghai mining, Anhui mining, Gansu Western Mining Co and dozens of domestic enterprises, products to design novel, reasonable structure, reliable performance, efficiency and access to the user.


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